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Posted by: Kenya Today - Kenya News on 02/08/2019

What are the Five Major Causes of Road Accidents in Kenya

What are the Five Major Causes of Road Accidents in Kenya

The Kenya National Transport and Safety Authority recently reported that reckless driving is one of the biggest causes of accidents and deaths in Kenya. Four out of every five reported accidents are caused by reckless driving. It only in Kenya where one overtakes you at the highest speed possible and a few kilometers away, you find the car parked at the local pub. This is a just a piece of the iceberg ; here is a good read a list of five major causes of accidents on Kenyan roads.

1. The Roads

By now, every Kenyan is disgusted by the state of most roads in the country. What irks most Kenyans are not the fact that the roads are bad, but politicians who pocket money meant for development. As a result, most roads are filled with potholes and others poorly tarmacked, making it easy for accidents to occur. If the Kenyan government follows through on their promises to make the roads better, the rate at which accidents occur in Kenya will significantly reduce.

2. Over speeding

I bet you are aware of the popular Matatu culture in Kenya where modified vehicles overlap in traffic jams to get to their destination earlier. Private cars are also known for over speeding, which is a significant accident causer in Kenya. Drivers are advised to drive their vehicles at the recommended speeds, especially in marked areas to prevent accidents. More so, if you use public means, make sure the driver obeys all traffic rules; after all, your life is worth much more than a fine for being late.

3. Overloading

Overloading is frequent not only in public vehicles but private ones as well. Every vehicle has a recommended weight limit, which makes it easy for the car to operate effectively. Overloading tips the balance of your vehicle and increases the chances of an accident, especially on these bad Kenyan roads. Greed for money causes overloading in most public cars. Be sure to board a vehicle that does not carry excessive passengers.

4. No respect for traffic rules

There are always consequences of breaking laws. Whether it is a fine or serving time in jail; the Kenyan constitution has penalties for every traffic rule that is broken. However, most drivers are ignorant and know where the police are located on a daily basis. As such, they break the speed rules as well as other rules such as overlapping to maximize on profits incurred in the transport sector. However, there is a reason traffic rules exist. Most people who break them and are not caught often get cocky and end up causing major accidents.

5. Corruption and a weak system

Corruption is one of the biggest hindrances to development in the country. There are a lot of corrupt individuals primarily in the traffic sector, making it hard to prevent unroadworthy vehicles from operating on our roads. Even those that have all the papers often bribe the police when caught over speeding or breaking laws such as carrying excess passengers. Turning a blind eye for a meager 100 Shillings is despicable considering thousands of people have perished on our roads due to traffic police ignorance and greed.


The causes listed above are just examples of the most significant causes of accidents on our roads. There are others, such as poor car maintenance, Driving under the influence of substance and recklessness. In 2018, over 2,000 people died from road accidents in Kenya. Ensure you follow all traffic rules or board a vehicle that does the same to avoid adding to that troubling statistic. Drive safe.

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