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Posted by: Dipali Roy on 29/09/2018

When you should consider labiaplasty

When you should consider labiaplasty

The internet has strongly contributed to the rise of cosmetic procedures performed on genitals, such as labiaplasty. At one end, the immediate access to information has meant that cosmetic surgery is publicised with more ease, especially when it comes to anatomical areas of the body that are more sensitive or potentially uncomfortable for people to openly discuss. At the other end of this spectrum, the overload of explicit imagery like pornographic materials has contributed to the evolution of anesthetic ideal when it comes to the size and shape of the women’s vulvas. Therefore if you’re curious about labiaplasty, read below for a few of factors that may indicate it’s something you should research further.

One of the most common reasons that women undergo this procedure is due to the aesthetic or physical dysfunction caused by an abnormally protruding labia minora. This may be identified as a type of hypertrophy, yet the labia protrusion can vary greatly between patients. Aside from embarrassment or insecurity when wearing tight clothes or when naked, discomfort (including from some sports activities), irritation, dryness and pain during sexual intercourse are also commonly experienced by many prospective patients.

In most instances, medical professionals note the impact of the psychological dimension of women’s perceptions of their body. This is especially seen in examples where others would not notice a protruding labia, the yetthe psychological effect on a patient is ‘devastating.’Therefore, if you’re considering this surgery, this is certainly a dimension that you need to factor into your decision-making process before you proceed. The small number of studies conducted in this area note that while labiaplasty has a positive effect on women’s genital appearance satisfaction, general psychological well-being does not necessarily improve. Accordingly, labiaplasty is not a procedure to address greater psychological distress, even if it’s partially related to body image issues. follow more post from my blog such as the health benefits of green tea.

Other reasons for undergoing the procedure vary, but includes reports of patients who experience twisting of the labia due to its elongation and tugging or discomfort when getting into a seated position. These symptoms can occur both bilaterally or unilaterally and at a variety of life stages. However, the timing of symptoms leading to labiaplasty procedures are most commonly attributed to the aging process, childbirth, puberty and occasionally after weight gain/loss. Of course, some patients will report that their symptoms have been with them as long as they can remember.

Although labiaplasty is now more common, a clinical diagnosis of labial hypertrophy remains poorly defined, meaning the medical community does not agree on its medical presentation. This partially contributes to the controversy that surrounds the procedure, as it’s essentially a debate involving ‘what is normal’ when it comes to the appearance of female genitalia. Therefore, it’s a wise decision to consult several surgeons before you undergo this procedure. Aside from seeking someone that will perform a safe labiaplasty procedure, you’ll want to discuss the type of surgery they perform and whether the aesthetic outcomes of the procedure they deliver will match your own expectations. if you more interested this kind of valuable health information so please visit in lifecares.org.

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