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Posted by: Kenya Today - Kenya News on 16/03/2017

Why every Kenyan must respect the Presidency

Why every Kenyan must respect the Presidency

Presidency is an institution which needs respects for all walks of life either in Kenya or any sovereign state. The issue at hand between some politicians and the Presidency office should be dealt with squarely. Unless we want a lawless nation, then there is need to have respect for our leaders. Imagine a situation where everybody, goes on hurling insults to every institution he finds fault in. We need a better way of engaging with each other, how about we try and practice mature politics?

Governor Hassan Joho was accused of disrespecting the presidency after calling the president out of excluding him during his visit to Mombasa. He stated that the jubilee government are bullies and corrupt and that could evidently be seen from the unannounced presidential visit. He also accused the president of taking credit of projects that he didn’tinitiate. These remarks drew anger from the Jubilee leaders. Joho went on to accuse the present government for failing to initiate projects in Mombasa but instead use the projects funded by World Bank or started by Mombasa Municipal Council. The jubilee leaders were offended by these claims and they went ahead lashing out at Joho’s governance claiming that governor Joho can’t even account for the billions of shillings allocated to the county

More Jubilee leaders scolded the Mombasa governor claiming that it is petty to criticize the president for completing the projects started by his predecessors because there have been cases of other MPs failing to complete projects that they didn’t start so if anything the president should be congratulated. Other leaders from other parties took a swing at Joho claiming it’s wrong to insult and disrespect Uhuru. Nyeri senator Mutahi Kagwe said what Joho did was, “bad manners that our children shouldn’t copy.” Rift valley elders gave Joho an ultimatum to apologies for his actions or he will be cursed. Mr Kabange and elder made comments towards the matter stating that Joho should accept he is just a junior in the game and that he should stick to his place. They warned the leaders into perpetrating any kind of hatred as this will bring about the violence that took place during the 2007/2008 elections.

To his ODM counterparts Joho is a hero as he gets praises for standing up to the President. He is referred to as the general who did not disappoint at a critical hour. To the Jubilee government Governor Joho stood up took a stand against bullying and a corrupt government. “It takes guts and faith in what Kenya can be to stand up against money rejuvenated children of Kanu,”ODM party spokesman said. Other Jubilee leaders added that such brave action is a sign that devolution is opening up the democratic space.

At Mtongwe channel where the President re-commissioned a ferry he said that Joho shouldn’t play with the Jubilee government lest they teach him a lesson. On that day governor Joho was put under office arrest for claims of interfering with National government projects. There has been no response from Joho on the president’s remarks to discipline him. He is expected to respond to the president’s statement on his political forums. Later, Governor Joho denied disrespecting President Kenyatta in the recent public forums as accused stating that he was properly raised by his parents. His statement was echoed by Richard Chacha saying the governor has never disrespected the president that his statements are simply factual. He finished by saying, “Our intention is to work closely with the national government. We didn’t intend to engage the president in the manner that we have seen. Our basic goal is to deliver to the people who elected the government.” But as we all argue about who is right, do you think we need sobriety in Kenyan politics. Do unto other as you wish to be done unto you. Lets respect the higher office and the mwananchi will learn to respect each other and our leaders

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