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Posted by: NICT CSP on 29/04/2019

Why it is necessary to require SBI kiosk banking?

SBI KIOSK Banking is a function of the State Bank of India, where no customer needs to deal with the SBI office. The branch itself goes to the village or the customer's place where the customer can do the transactions.

Kiosk Banking is an important step on the way to financial inclusion. Financial inclusion aims to provide access to financial services to the weakest or most disadvantaged income groups and to use the loan at a low or affordable cost. The kiosks are the small Internet stands in the villages where customers can use basic banking services.

With the SBIKIOSK banking initiative, customers can do a variety of banking transactions without having to visit a bank branch. Kiosk Banking is essentially a service offered by several banks, where people do not have to go to the store to carry out various transactions. In fact, the customer can easily open an account with the bank and work in one of the branches of the bank of the nearest kiosk. It is mainly introduced by the government. India is an important concept for promoting financial inclusion, especially in rural areas where the clientele is less good and where the population is uneducated and does not need individual support.

Behind the operation of the SBI kiosk is the idea that banks should be supported by private, public and cooperative bank transactions. These serve as a point of contact between a bank and the customer, where banking services such as deposits, disbursements, bank transfers, microcredit, insurance and overdraft facilities are available.

This can be done by a retailer who can open a no-frills account for a customer by taking photos and recording the customer's fingerprints and other required details. This information is then sent to the bank branch with the documents required for processing. Once the account is created, the customer can withdraw or deposit money at any time via the Internet Point.

SBI Kiosk acts as a point of contact for the execution of basic banking services. It helps companies improve the customer experience and strengthen the brand image of banks. The use of the kiosk for banking services is safe and attractive for millennial and digital consumers.

Banks and credit unions have recently used tabletop kiosks that not only improve operational efficiency but also reduce staff costs. Because tablets are small, compact and flexible devices, they can be placed anywhere in the store.

Let's look at some uses and benefits of kiosks in banks:

As a self-service device: access to banking applications and websites. ATMs, credit card payments and coin acceptors are examples.

Integrate new customers: Modify new applications and connections.

For demonstrations and training: Familiarize clients with online banking and new products, and train the training staff for the office.

For data collection: In microfinance companies, Capture Agents tablets capture documents to identify customers, download customer data, and more.

As a result, NICT CSP (https://nictcsp.org/) creates a bridge between customers, retailers and banks to grow together.

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