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Posted by: Kenya Today - Kenya News on 09/10/2018

Why Raila Odinga is the Next President of Kenya Come 2022

Why Raila Odinga is the Next President of Kenya Come 2022

Political analysts and loyal fans alike have come out boldly to back Raila’s election into office come 2022. There are plenty of reasons many people of all generations feel infuriated with the current government. While the fruits are there for those who are diligent enough to work twice as hard, the compensation is often wanting. Corruption and misuse of power have taken the country down a horrible path leading many people to believe a veteran should take the reins of power.

No contender fits such a description better than veteran politician Raila Amolo Odinga. Were it not for the scandals that keep following him, perhaps the DP would be the best option for many at the moment. However, this is Kenyan politics and anything can happen, but as it seems, Raila is most likely the next president of the Republic of Kenya. Here are a few reasons to support this claim.

1 Experience

A lot of young people might not know this fact but Raila Odinga was once regarded as an aggressive tribal kingpin and a bully. Nowadays, his name Baba brings respect as well as adoration whenever he graces a public event. Raila has been in opposition government for the biggest part of his political career. However, even when he was not in government, Baba remained an influential figure with a massive following of loyalists.

All the names on the presidential ballot paper come 2022 will not have half the experience accumulated by Raila throughout the years. From watching his father, Jaramogi Odinga and the founding father form the nation to the Moi regime where he was arrested and tortured. Then the Kibaki regime that oversaw the biggest post-election disaster in the country and the establishment of the Prime Minister post, and currently, the Jubilee government.

2. Constitution review

The Grassroots People’s Movement was formed during the 2005 referendum that saw the constitution change. Its successor the Orange Democratic Movement under the leadership of Raila Odinga was the face of the revolution. As we speak, Kenya is on the brink of a constitutional amendment spearheaded by the opposition leader. A lot of symbolism has been drawn from the Uhuru-Raila handshake and doubters believe it was a bid to pave way for Raila’s election.

Raila’s claim that the 2010 constitution was half-baked only fueled rumours of his desire to run for president. Another point to back this claim would be the fact that President Uhuru Kenyatta supports Raila’s bid for a constitutional review. Of all innuendos, this one irritated members from both political camps the most.

3. Building Bridges Initiative

The famous March 9, 2018 handshake between Uhuru and Raila oversaw the formation of a task force that collects leadership information from Kenyans. The Building Bridges Initiative was tasked with collecting data from Kenyans regarding some of the leadership issues that have faced Kenyans over the years. The finding will be used to determine whether the country needs a referendum or minor bug fixes.

4. The Ruto Camp dares

The Ruto camp dared Raila Odinga to vie for the presidential elections come 2022 through Nandi senator Samson Cherargei. The outspoken senator was quoted saying, ‘It is not a surprise at all. We have all along known he was getting ready for another bid. We are ready for him. We are working to solidify the DP's base.’

Regarding the current Deputy President and Raila's fellow presidential aspirant, the Nandi senator added, ‘ He is our leader and is he is going around the country meeting people, making more friends and establishing networks. It is now upon us to ensure his political base remains intact. As Rift Valley leaders under him we will not sleep but will work hard to solidify his base.’

Speculation and tension from rival camps is more indication that Raila is rallying his troops to run for the presidential seat come 2022. From the look of things, he looks set to take the mantle with little to no competition.

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