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Posted by: Chome Wa Be'Ngundo on 07/08/2017

Why the Mijikenda are voting Uhuru Kenyatta.

Why the Mijikenda are voting Uhuru Kenyatta.

Amidzichenda anzangu we are a day away to the elections.5yrs ago when the exercise was being rolled out I was at Maskani, It was exciting for us. We had chosen to HOPE and not to DESPAIR!! Hope for a better future, A future that promises a feeling of societal belonging amongst each and everyone of us. A future that would ensure we were able to put food on the table for our families.

We dared to dream, after all this is a country of dreamers!! How big do you dream than to wage a guerilla warfare against arguably the strongest ever colonial power in the world. One time in our history, A Woman of our blood took it upon her self to challenge Mr. Champion- a colonial master, against using our MEN in their wars. She didn't see it fit for the British power to use Mijikenda men in their wars. So she led a rebellion born in the Kaya and castigated my medicine man Wanje- Her wing man.The British responded by ramping up their own efforts. In short order, they confiscated 1/5th of our Giriama lands, ordered the Giriama to move, killed around 150 of US, burnt our 5000 homes to the ground, destroyed a number of kayas with dynamite, and arrested several key members of the rebellion — including Mekatilili and Wanje.

Prison did not hold our Mekatilili and Wanje for long. They broke out!!  and trekked 600 miles of dangerous wild land to get home.This was a borderline incomprehensible feat to the British – the route wound through areas infested with wild animals which no European would dare traverse. And yet, our very own Mekatilili and Wanje made it home. This is how big we dream!

We went to the polls 5yrs ago, armed not with weapons of harm but a tool for peace and prosperity. A voters card! This culminated in the most peaceful election this country has probably had in my time of existence. Uhuru Kenyatta won it in the first round and was approved and sworn in by arguably the best publicly rated CJ this country has ever had. I didn't vote for Kenyatta but his government afforded me a chance to realize the dream I had envisaged without any connections whatsoever. I had always believed this country had opportunities for all regardless of your political affiliation or tribe. You should also BELIEVE! Your dreams are valid in the shade of this government.  

Anzangu... lets allow democracy to thrive again in the next election. Let us respect the vote! Let us accept the will of the majority. Let's accord Uhuru Kenyatta a second term.

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