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Posted by: Manmohan Singh on 21/03/2018

Yoga Teacher Training: The Spiritual Aspect of Yoga

Awaken the soul and its spiritual energy by commencing on a yoga quest. The divine fire is born within all the creatures as a sense of Self and yoga is the eternal path to expand all the heavenly powers that surpass the ignorance, ego, and problems, and bring the soul into the infinite. And, yoga teacher training course is the sole realistic way to discover the spiritual aspect of the yoga. Begin your spiritual voyage with a 200 hour yoga teacher training in India and learn to embrace self-discipline, gratitude, and patience with oneself and others while expanding your mind and exploring the divine essence of yoga.

Understand how yoga teacher training courses in India help you explore and learn the spiritual aspect of yoga:

1. Learning beyond the asanas: The yoga teacher training courses are designed to cultivate and hone the abilities of the students allowing them to teach with veracity and efficiency. And for this reason, yoga teacher training programs extend beyond the wisdom of yoga postures towards pranayama, meditation, and karma yoga. A month-long intensive yoga training exposes the students to diverse yoga styles and spiritual dimensions of yoga. They are immersed in karma yoga projects, mantra chanting, and beautiful lessons of the Bhagavad Gita, Vedas, Upanishads that help students apply these teachings into their life and assist them in leading a spiritual livelihood, despite all the stress. The mere learning of yoga asanas confers with physical and mental strength. However, the only way to serve the divine lies in the altruistic actions-- the essence of karma yoga. Ignite your spiritual power by taking up 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India-- the spiritual land of saints and sages.

2. Learn The Philosophical Underpinnings of Yoga: Yoga Sutras, widely regarded as the well found-text on the science of yoga is a treasury of aphorisms, detailing the eight limbs of yoga. These ethical guidelines offer the wisdom of living a meaningful and dedicated life. And, yoga teacher training provides the perfect route to learn the wisdom of these threads. A 200 hour yoga teacher training course in India entrenches the students into the learning and understanding of the ten Yamas and Niyamas. The first and foremost Yama ‘Ahimsa’ (non-violence) contains the broader positive message of love. Kindness towards Self and other beings is the foundation of the philosophical system. If your practice is rooted in Ahimsa, you have obtained all the goodness. Ahimsa is the pivot. All the virtues revolve around ahimsa.

3. Cultivate Self-Discipline: The main obstacle on the inner path is the lack of self-discipline.Once we become aware of this, we gradually try to build up our personal discipline. Yoga teacher training programs in India help learners build self-discipline that assists them in overcoming inner emptiness, suffering and rewards them a greater mind control. Always practice Tapas or self-discipline carefully, gradually and according to your capacity for fruitful results.

4. Deepen the meditation practice: For most people meditation is the art of calming the mind but it is one of the methods to uplift the spirituality within each self. Also, several individuals state that their meditation practices have dried up. If you have lost the inspiration to practice meditation, then take up a yoga teacher training in India and change your attitude towards meditation. The yoga teacher training program teaches the students the four fundamental components of deepening one’s meditation and ultimately experiencing the spiritual evolution. They are stillness, space, silence, and surrender.

Take up a 200 hour yoga teacher training in India and enlighten yourself on the spiritual aspect of yoga.


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