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Posted by: Aum Yogashala on 31/01/2018

Yoga Your Way To A Happy Vacation

Yoga Your Way To A Happy Vacation

Summary: Life at times can be tedious that strains our body and mind. Going on a yoga vacation can help in finding balance and serenity in life. Learn why yoga is a way to happy vacation.

The high demanding life, increasing competition, and volatility leads to the development of stress and strain in our mind and body. To match the fast-paced life, it is crucial to completely relax and recharge our body, mind, and soul. If you are a seeker of peace, happiness, health, and goodness, then planning a yoga vacation is the best option for you.

From pilgrims to exotic locations, there’s no dearth of travel destinations across India. Coming to India for vacations is always fun; it enlivens our mind, body, and soul. A yoga holiday in India is a great way to escape on a vacation and truly feel the difference. It is much more than sightseeing. It truly recharges your energy , leaves you with feelings of freshness, makes you feel inspired, centered and peaceful. It is the best way to transform your physical, mental and spiritual being.


Here are some of the reasons why yoga is your way to a healthy vacation:


1 Deepen your yoga practice: The human race is so busy with their daily lives that they are hardly able to make time for regular yoga practice. On yoga vacations, you have committed a week of yoga that helps you deepen your yoga practice. Possibilities are you may strike some of your best yoga asanas at the end of the holiday. Practicing yoga every day improves your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. By digging deeper into the roots of yogic science, immersing in meditation and pranayama practices take you onto a path of eternal bliss and heightened spirits.


2 Detox your life: Managing the tedious life leaves us completely exhausted and, we look out for ways to cleanse our body, mind, and soul. Going on a yogic getaway is an effective way to detox from all stress, tensions, and anxiety disorders. The practice of yoga asanas eliminates all the accumulated toxins from your body. Center your emotions and mind with the regular meditation practice. The nurturing, peaceful ambiance revitalizes your overall being helping you feel really good.


3 Rest and Relax: It is hard for many of us to really relax our soul amidst all the tussle of life. Yoga vacation is a time to relax; rest and revitalize your body, mind, and soul. Holiday’s with yoga is all about yoga practices, eating healthy and experiencing peacefulness. It gives you an opportunity to break free from the tedious routine, let go of all the worries, and reconnect with your body. It completely relaxes your body and mind.


4 Take with you long-lasting friendships: On yoga vacations, you are surrounded by like-minded individuals which excludes a homely feeling. Practicing yoga, discovering new things, sharing thoughts with a bunch of people with a similar ideology and path helps deepen the friendship. Exchanging cultures and experiences allow a person to expand and grow in their journey.


5 Forming Good Habits: A golden chance to break way bad habits. On yoga vacation, your day starts with yoga and ends with spirituality. You are indulged in yoga practices, connecting with the spiritual techniques and eating healthy, nutritious food. You get to unplug yourself from the usual life, detox yourself from technology while allowing you to form good habits.


6 Make time for yourself: Busy lives can be taxing on the overall health of a person and yoga vacation can give you a break from a boring and tedious life. Take a week off and immerse yourself in traditional teachings of yoga. Listen to your inner self. Far away from the hectic schedule, plan yoga holidays that leave you with a feeling of positivity, happiness, and calmness.

So, next time you find yourself strangled in stress, plan a yoga vacation to experience happiness and wellbeing.


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