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Posted by: Chome Wa Be'Ngundo on 11/08/2017

You are alone! International community tells Raila

You are alone! International community tells Raila

Former US Democratic Presidential Nominee Secretary John Kerry, who is in the country as an election observer has given IEBC a clean bill of health in conducting the 2017 election. “We believe that the elections commission in Kenya has put together a process that will allow each and every vote’s integrity to be proven” said Kerry in his interview with CNN.

President(former) Mahama of Ghana reiterated the same thoughts of Kerry on this. “The integrity of elections are guaranteed by the backup systems that support those elections so given but not admitting (as alleged by Raila) that there was a hacking there are back up systems to still guarantee the integrity of the elections.

Nine observer missions including the African Union have since issued a joint statement commending Kenyans and IEBC for their conduct in this historic election which is by far the most credible since 2002. “Remain committed to peace (to Kenyans) and the integrity of the electoral process (to IEBC)” they remarked.

The Rt Honorable Prime Minister Raila Odinga has his global reputation at stake. The Raila of democracy and supporter of rule of law is seemingly allowing his thirst for power to whitewash his mind. He has rubbished off all the observer missions, spitting onto the faces of the international community. Raila wants to be right when everybody else is disapproving him. Raila and NASA are now alone, fighting everyone else world over.

What Raila and NASA should know is that the Kenyan people, the African people and the Whole World have their eyes on them and won’t tolerate their political whims. The will of the Kenyan people is bigger than that of any single individual.

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