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Posted by ParadiseSlimmingSpa Panchkarma Treatment In Chandigarh on 05/03/2018

ParadiseSlimmingSpa - Panchkarma Treatment In Chandigarh


Paradise Slimming Spa is well known for Panchkarma Treatment in Chandigarh. Panchkarma is a purifying therapy to enhance the metabolic process through food and herbal medicines.Exactly Panch means five and Karma means action.

This Treatment always performed in three stages Purvey karma (pre-treatment), Pradhana karma (primary-treatment), and Paschat karma(post-treatment).These types of therapeutics are based on purging therapy.

Panchkarma is one of the most helpful healing modality. It boosts detoxify and greening.It suggested on a regular base in addition to when a human being feels relax. We use pure herbs and ayurvedic products for Panchakarma Treatment. Panchkarma is a set of five therapies deliberate mainly for purification the body of toxins. Ayurveda considers that the cleansing of the body is important before the initiation of any other therapy. Similarly, the body wants to be purified before filling again, it with the new colors of health, juvenility, energy, vial force.

Panchakarma Treatment beneficial of the Complete cleansing of the body, Elimination of toxins, Improving strength of digestive fire, Speeding up metabolism, Reducing Weight, Relaxing the mind and stress.

Panchkarma includes five types of treatment which these are:-

  • Vamana use of emetics.
  • Virechan use of laxatives.
  • Basti medicated enema.
  • Nasya nasal direction of medication.
  • Rakta mokshana blood leasing.

FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US:- +91-8146432224, We are offering best Panchkarma Treatment In Chandigarh.




SCF-539, Sector-70, Mohali, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160070

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