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Posted by Upcoming Events & Expo on 18/04/2016 in Social
Historic ivory Burning Event- #WorthMoreAlive

Historic ivory Burning Event- #WorthMoreAlive

Nairobi National Park
National Park, Nairobi, Kenya

Start Time
30/04/2016 7:25 pm

Hosted by the Government of Kenya and Kenya Wildlife Service - Kenya is set to destroy the largest ever stockpile of ivory in Africa’s history on April 30th, 2016, Nairobi National Park’.

The goal of the mass destruction is to put the ivory beyond economic use, and more specifically to:

  1. Demonstrate Kenya’s leadership in ending the poaching of rhinos and elephants ; and the illegal trade in animal parts. 
  2. Place Kenya’s ivory and rhino horn beyond economic use – publicly and indisputably.
  3. Send a clear message to the world that Kenya’s natural assets are ‘not for sale ‘ because Kenyans honour their rich cultural and natural heritage.
  4. Remind the world that Kenya is taking serious steps to conserve its elephants and rhinoes -, not just by putting its ivory beyond economic use - but by joining the Pan-African Elephant Protection Initiative, and The Giants Club. Both initiatives will help mobilize resources through funding commitments towards long-term sustainable conservation.

The unprecedented surge in high level poaching in the 1970 and 1980’s prompted the Kenyan government to burn 12 tonnes or 12,000 kilograms of accumulated ivory in July 1989 as a bold statement to the world that poaching was a menace, threatening to wipe out an entire species and that something needed to be done. The international trade in ivory was banned later that same year.

Kenya’s ivory burning on 30th April 2016, is part of this same cycle of public destruction, which the country pioneered in 1989.  Although the destruction of elephant ivory will not in itself put an end to the illegal ivory trade in elephant ivory, it ensures that no one will ever profit from this contraband and, when coupled with the seizure of ivory and the prosecution and conviction of offenders, it sends a very powerful message that Kenya does not, and will not, tolerate this illegal trade, and that illegal traders now face significant risks along the entire illegal supply chain – in source, transit and destination States.

National Park, Nairobi, Kenya

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