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Posted by Cita Liang on 24/04/2018

vehicle tracking solutions,fleet management system,gps fleet tracking


YB06 Specifications List:

1. Newest generation u-blox GPS chipset u-blox 7
2. Built-in GPS/GSM antenna,Quad band
3. Buit in battery (450mAh)
4. GPS chipset with high sensitivity, High integration density
5. Wide range power input 9-36V
6. 3000 points history trace can be saved without GSM coverage
7. Quick GPS fixed with Assist-GPS technology
8. Real time tracking via Web, APP and SMS
9. Built-in vibration sensor, perform vehicle intelligent robbery protection
10. ACC detection, to upload status of vehicle operation
11. Oil cut off
12. Voice monitor
13. Over speed alert, Vibration alert, Power cut off alert, Low battery alert, Geo-fence alert
14.3 special numbers for SOS alarm and burglar alarm
15. SOS alarm button for emergency call

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