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Posted by: Viral News on 17/09/2016

Mpesa Transaction Gone Sour

Mpesa Transaction Gone Sour

A luo man named Omondi,  mistakenly sent 70000 kenya shillings to Kamau via mobile money transfer. He thought of what to do so as to make Kamau send him back the money.He sent the following text to Kamau. 

"Hello Dark and Worthy initiate. I hope you are OK. I believe you have received the 70000 shillings I sent you. It is for your initiation into the Devil-worshiping cult, scheduled to take place tomorrow midnight. The money is only for your transport. I'll send you more for your shopping. There are alot good riches awaiting you in this kingdom.

Two weeks after the initiation, your very close family members will start dying mysteriously. Their deaths is your ticket to wealth and riches. But in case you are not ready to join, please send back the money immediately otherwise you'll die in the next 24 hrs."

5 minutes later,  Omondi received a text from Kamau saying,"WOW!!! Please send anothert 70,000 shillings and shopping money, my friend Njuguna is interested.

Omondi fainted.

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