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Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2007

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  • PNet.co.za
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  • 0861 CAREER (227337) or Tel: 011 622 6664
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  • PNet (Pty) Ltd 8 Viscount Road Unit 4C Viscount Office Park
    Johannesburg, GP 2007
    South Africa

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  • Job Search, List of Jobs, Part Time Jobs, Graduate Jobs, Jobs Website

More About PNet.co.za

Everything we do has one goal: to accurately match the best candidates with the best companies. This is what we do every day - it's what we love doing and it's what we're good at.

PNet has the largest database of active candidates in South Africa. This combined with our unique service offering anddelivery ensures that you receive the maximum attention and widest exposure toyour vacancies and brand.

Quality Service

Over the years, PNet has built one of South Africa’s largest online recruitment communities. Currently over 7000 recruiters(users) utilize PNet on a daily basis to find the best candidates for theirorganizations or for their clients. With a substantial database of over2.3million active career seekers, we continuously market the PNet services toattract the highest calibre of career seekers.

PNet pioneered the online e-Recruitment in1997; the vision was to create a single web-based facility for recruitment agents, corporate and job seekers alike. By providing anywhere, anytime accessto online jobs and professional CVs. The PNet system has evolved into a  superior set of on-line tools which best meet the needs of recruiters and jobseekers.

Today, PNet’s world-class infrastructure provides recruiters access to unique and simple to use e-Recruitment tools, and with a wide range of services and functionality, PNet is able to tailor thevarious solutions to meet all client specific needs

Unrivalled Support

At PNet we understand the importance of customer care and our Support Centre provides clients with the necessary assistance, whatever the need is. The Support Centre based at our head office in Gauteng’s Bedfordview, provides clients with unmatched assistance. PNet haslocal representation in Umhlanga, KwaZulu Natal and Century City, Western Cape.Whatever the client needs, PNet is on hand to assist and manage their requests– face to face, by phone or via email.


PNet’s vision is to provide an innovative and superior world-class online e-recruitment service. PNet continually re-invents itself and its solutions to ensure an online environment andinfrastructure that remains at the cutting-edge and at the forefront of thee-recruitment space.


PNet commits to delivering a service with pride, honesty, integrity and passion. It’s what makes PNet professionals and thought leaders in the industry. PNet has the experience, the expertise and theenthusiasm to help organisations find the right employees, recruitment agents find the right candidate and job seekers find the right job.

The Advantages of using Job Portals

The internet brought many conveniences that made certain aspects of life a lot easier. One of these is job hunting. In this day and age there is no need for job seekers to invest in piles of newspapers and comb through classifieds, or ask friends and family if they have heard anything. Now job hunting can be done without too much effort and without making yourself vulnerable in the presence of close acquaintances. With a couple of search terms and a few clicks, all the information you require will be revealed to you almost instantly (unless your internet connection is a bit slow).These, however, are not the only advantages. Let us investigate further.

The Advantages of using a Job Portal 

  1. Convenience. True, we covered this point in the opening paragraph, but just to drive home the point let us go into a bit more detail: yes, now you can job hunt in the comfort of your home or on the go, as long as you have a device with internet connectivity and the link to a reputable job portal. Furthermore, your job search is no longer restricted to certain hours of the day, seeing as you don't have to wait for the morning newspaper or for the human resources department of a company to open. If you are lying awake at night stressing about your work situation, you can now get up and be proactive about the situation. Most job portals also give you the option of setting up email alerts for specific jobs. This means that you can literally visit a job portal once, specify which jobs you want to be alerted of and log off knowing that you will be informed should anything pop up. 
  2. A wider or narrower search reach. You can make your search reach as wide or as narrow as you want. If you are adamant about staying in your province or city, you can narrow the search for jobs to those specifications. If you have not put down roots yet and want to see what opportunities lie beyond the boarder of your city or province, you can do that to.
  3. Saves you time and money. The time saving part is obvious, but how does a job portal save you money? For one, most job portals can be utilized free of charge, meaning you no longer have to invest in newspapers to find the latest job listings. Two, job portals make it possible for you to upload your CV and with the click of button send it to your potential employer, meaning there is no need to send anything by post, to drop something off at some distant office, or even go through the effort of writing a cover mail for your CV.

Because the employer has signed up to the portal and posted a listing, he or she is also a lot more likely to seriously consider a CV received via this channel. Considering that most top recruiters make use of job portals nowadays to streamline the recruitment process, you would be foolish not to make use of the channel they prefer.

Important things to remember when using job portals There are two things to consider before uploading your CV to a job portal and both of them have to do with your CV. 1.Ensure your CV is in the right format. Make doubly sure that your CV is in a format that is compatible with the upload requirements of the job portal you are using. Done are the days where it was acceptable for you to only have your CV in Word format. It is advised that you now also have both PDF and HTML versions of your CV, seeing as these are the format types that most job portals prefer. Converting your CV to these formats is not rocket science, but be aware of the fact that changing the format of a document can mess with the layout of the document. So before you post anything, make sure that the visual layout is still in order and if not, make the necessary adjustments. The thing to remember is that just because you are applying via an online channel does not mean that the rules regarding CVs have changed. They still need to look presentable.

2.Insert Keywords. Job portals are, in essence, keyword-searchable databases. Taking this fact into account clarifies the importance of ensuring that your CV contains the keywords that an employer would search for should he or she be looking for someone with your skills and expertise. Do research on all the keywords that are relevant to your profession and ensure you insert as many of these as possible. If you are a copywriter for instance, just inserting the keyword ‘copywriter will not be sufficient. Also think of adding keywords like ‘content writer, ‘digital content specialist, etc. More tips

To ensure that your job search is successful it is important to remember to also pay special attention to the contents of your CV and how it is presented. Make sure that:

  • Your CV is no longer than 2 pages. No employer has the time to read through a CV that is longer than two pages. If your work experience exceeds two pages, then consider cutting out the jobs that have no relevance to the position.
  • Start with your last job and end with your first. It is best to start off your CV with the last job you had (or job you have) and work yourself backwards. Employers are most interested to know what you have been doing in the last five years of your career than anything else, so forcing them to work themselves through your entire work history before arriving at the information they want wont win you any favours. Yes, job portals have made life a lot easier and have a number of benefits over traditional job hunting efforts. A lot has changed, but, as we have learned: there are certain things which have indeed changed (namely, how we should upload our CVs) and then there are certain things which have not (namely, how we should present our CVs).

 If your CV is in tip top shape and you are looking for a reputable job portal, try PNet.