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Posted by: Live Online TV on 06/01/2016

Why critical thinking lessons is a must to every student

Why critical thinking lessons is a must to every student

Critical thinking is a skill that enables one to render a convincing point of view unaffected by what one has read or heard. Its intent is to make a student question ideas and theories put in place by others and creates one’s own understanding. For a student, critical thinking is the definition of learning, memorizing what one is told is studying. A summary of a book put in ones words cannot be described as critical thinking, there has to be the aspect of going past a simple explanation of what the book entails.

Critical thinking is the backbone of all questions related to essays. Essays being a vital part in many curriculums across the world are a must-pass subject. They require students to explain themselves in a way that only they can. For a subject like mathematics or chemistry, a student can cram formulas or concepts since they are fixed but for essays, one has to think critically. Critical thinking helps a student improve on his/her grades. In university, students are required to work on projects in their final year. These projects are the student’s point of view on the topic at hand. Projects form a big part of the total tally of score for the student.

Critical thinking works to both the students and the tutors’ advantage in the sense that, it enables a student to take charge of their own learning. This gives rise to questions that even the tutors get to ponder and gives the student a better understanding of the subject. This is because they use their own reasoning to create their own opinion, which makes the topic at hand easy to recall.

The skill adopted in critical thinking not only helps the students in classrooms and lecture halls but in real life situations too. Critical thinking enhances a student’s ability to analyze, evaluate, reason, make decisions and solve problems. All of these are crucial in everybody’s day-to-day routine. From the simplest decision of what to wear on a certain occasion to which car to buy, critical thinking is required. Some areas that require critical thinking are when making plans, conducting an analysis or when reflecting.

Critical thinking enhances a student’s chances of self-improvement when applied to day-to-day experiences. A student may know that he or she is failing in a certain subject but it takes critical thinking to help analyze the why and make it possible to pass in that subject. Also, despite the fact that the most motivation to get better grades emanates from teachers or motivational speakers, a student can use critical thinking to plan his/her goals in and past their time in school. This ability to reflect and look deep into oneself improves a student’s cognitive skills, which in turn increases their intellect and performance in exams.

For students, studying should not be the only reason why they go to school, it is the main reason but one can hoard other skills that may help in the future too. Critical thinking can help in that since it fosters creative thinking, which is another important aspect in academic and personal growth. For those interested mostly in the arts such as drama and music festivals, critical thinking enhances their ability to create poems, plays and songs that may end up being a career choice. With a creative mindset even after one is done with school, life is easier since you have another way of seeing things as opposed to the norm.

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